032027 • Thrift Store Finds

If it has anything about the A-10 Warthog in it, I’m going to pick it up!
Not only is this a first-hand account, but it’s from the perspective of a Soviet pilot. I have no figures to back this up, but I think there are fewer of these accounts, and I’ve read that due to how the common citizen/serf was educated back then, there wasn’t a lot of things written by the common solder. Which is something considering the percentage of the population that fought in this war.
The movie that was done on this, The Way Back, I watched a few years ago, and it was very good. Looking forward to reading the book here, that it was based on!
Like the above book on the Soviet pilot, is this book!
This is a 2018 book with nothing but big photos… of World War II locations. And a steal at three dollars!
Just another good-looking book for my library!
I like how they did the cover after a poster from the time period.
First-person accounts were most of what I found today, which is great!
More first-person accounts!
I watched this movie in the theatre, it was my first Rambo film. Not the best one to start with! It is brutal, and only near the end when John Rambo starts doing his thing does one really find anything to really like about this film. They make the bad guys, very bad, they show how and why they are bad… and then the good guy takes care of business. What is disturbing is how the brutality of this film is probably accurate to actual events in history we can’t comprehend simply by reading books. To an extent, a good thing to not know much about.

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