032021 • Thrift Store Finds

Liszt: Le Preludes: I bought two 50-CD collections brand-new of Deutsche Grammophon The Originals a few years ago, but this wasn’t in it. Re-mastered works, there’s something about a piece that is worth re-mastering that I find justifies checking it out. However, that doesn’t mean that something re-mastered is good, but still. Gives me a reason.

Schubert – Schumann: Symphonies #3 – Günter Wand: Somewhat of a standard generic buy, however, at the same time, could serve as the introduction to new symphonies I might like. Can’t argue that Schubert and Schumann don’t have a lot of great work.

Michael Douglas: Double Feature: Black Rain / Fatal Attraction: Black Rain is very much the number one movie I look for at thrifts. Pretty much every movie I’ve ever liked, I have at the very least found on DVD, except Black Rain. Its taken more than a decade of looking to find it because I figured that, well, it’s a Ridley Scott movie, that did well at the box office, it stars Michael Douglas and Andy Garcia, etc. If there are endless copies of every other Hollywood movie, this has to be in there with them, right? Nope. Never, ever see it. Until today. I watched it right away, it’s been decades. I actually did try to watch this on On Demand, (or maybe it was Hulu) and halfway through, when I went back to finish it, it was gone. For whatever reason, it just isn’t a movie that is commonly available, regardless of box office numbers and the talent involved. Now the only DVDs I have to look for are odd things I don’t expect, such as the Debussy Preludes by Latsabidze DVD.

Fatal Attraction, I’ll give a shot because it’s Michael Douglas. My favorite movies with him are Black Rain, The Game, Falling Down, Disclosure, and Wall Street. I actually bought and watched him in The Sentinel with Keifer Sutherland a few weeks ago.

The Tudors: I pass on these as I see them often, but this week I finally gave in as I don’t know when I’m going to join up to a streaming service long enough to watch it again. The final season, which I never see, was available last week, before I decided this week to start putting the series together. I’ve seen this before, but it’s been a while. Johnathan Rhys Meyers is absolutely fantastic in his role, so that, along with a great supporting cast including Sam Neill and Henry Cavill, along with others familiar as their careers have progressed, that alone makes it a good watch. Rhys Meyers was just in a season or two of Vikings, which reminded me of how much I like this actor.

The second big reason I am going to watch this again is that this is one of those series or movies that has such a great take on the times, the sets, costumes, etc. Accurate or not, they give a decent idea of what it was like back then.

Latsabidze Plays Debussy Preludes, Book 2: This was still in the shrink-wrap! It’s quite rare to find a classical dvd like this at a thrift, so this was my second-best find of the day!

Jack Higgins: The Eagle Has Landed / The Eagle Has Flown / Night of the Fox: I have a three-books-in-one like this of Tom Clancy’s works. There’s something about a big compilation for two dollars, highly acclaimed on a topic I find so interesting. The first two pages that I read while deciding to buy it were pretty good, so hey. Two bucks.

Breaking Bad: Season Five: I have all of these on either Blu-ray or DVD, it’s one of those situations where if I can make the upgrade from Blu-ray to DVD, I have to do it as I don’t see a lot of Blu-ray at thrifts. That aren’t stolen from the case, that is. What a fantastic series, one of the, if not the best, ever.

The Borne Trilogy: Again, I have this on DVD, and watched it about three years ago, but a Blu-Ray upgrade was right there. The fourth one that didn’t have Matt Damon was good too, but I don’t have either that or the fifth one that came out a few years ago.

Winter Army: This survived the week at the Arvada ARC, it was there last week but at full-price, I couldn’t pull the trigger. Why did nobody buy this?

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