032027 • Thrift Store • CDs

Now, it’s really easy to get upset and frustrated with some people at thrifts. Well, everybody at a thrift, really. but this guy (in the chair) in particular. If you notice, the first four shelves of discs are nice and neat, he’s gone through those. Someone at a thrift, leaving it in better shape than he found it? Amazing. But, he’s stacking them to where you can’t just pull a disc out, you have to take a few off the top and set them somewhere else. But, usually, they are a mess, anyway. But being a respectful person, one doesn’t want to disrupt what he’s doing, yet at the same time, he’s taken over the entire area. His basket (viewable next to him) is full of his pickings. The sound of someone constantly opening, closing, moving discs is somehow horribly annoying. Don’t get too close to him! But to be objective, he’s doing nothing wrong. He’s buying a lot and supporting the place, leaving the area better than when he found it. the only problem is that he’s taken the area over and anybody coming in feels like an intruder. Anyway. My first instinct is to start something with the guy, but that’s very much the wrong thing to do. Luckily there wasn’t much I wanted to see (the cds are two-deep into the shelves, but I really didn’t feel like searching to much as I have been here every week for a month. Not likely to be much of anything worth fighting over.) Some people come with scanners and annoyingly go through every single book in the entire place like a vulture. They also, are not doing anything wrong. Just horribly annoying, and also buying books for sale somewhere else, for more money. One could say that people like this are the competition, whereas everybody else is just a fellow shopper. Anyway. I got out of there without having to beat this guy up (ha!) so that was a win! Another great reason to just stay at home and shop online.
Thanks to the Eleventh Symphony, I pick up every version of Shostakovichs’ symphonies when I see them!
Thanks to the Anne Gastinel album with pieces by one of the composers on this album, I had to get this. Besides, it’s a fairly recent cd which is not common to find at thrifts.
This was a double-cd that had never been listened to, still had the packing inside of the case. And it’s Chopin. For a dollar!
I like the sixth symphony, so a double-album with two others, for one dollar…
This was an unexpected find, I’d assumed I had if not most, all of the BBC Music Magazine discs. I especially like albums that feature the artist and aren’t some generic release.
Don’t know much about these symphonies, but it’s Haydn.
I have a lot of Alban Berg Quartetts, so why not. And, Brahms.
This was actually in the Chopin album above, but it looks to be a different release of the first album on that one. Why couldn’t it have been something different, if I’m accidentally getting an extra disc?

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