I think this show is outstanding. If I’m correct, I just finished my fifth run through the entire series on Blu-ray. (the second time I did it with the sub-titles on) It just gets better and better.

The way they talk and how they say things, the journey of the lawman (Timothy Olyphant) and the outlaw (Walton Goggins) over six seasons, it’s just great.

Each season has a different story arc, but in the end it is about the lawman and the outlaw.

The below clips don’t even include most of the characters, especially Walton Goggins, who is just great!

Magnum P.I. (The Real One)

My favorite episode of Magnum P.I. It was never my favorite show, but I re-watched a lot of them a few years ago, and when I’d come across this one, I realized it was the only one I actually remembered from the original broadcasts. It’s actually unlike all of the others, being fairly serious in tone. Apparently, there are a lot of shows on BitChute, just there for watching.

I’m more of an Airwolf kind of guy, which is funny, considering one of the Magnum episodes was a backdoor pilot for Airwolf, in a previous incarnation of the idea. Jean Bruce Scott was a regular on both shows, too.