050921 • Movies / Television

Jurassic Park III • All of these movies are such fun (except for the teenager escaping a raptor by using gymnastics in the second one… ugh.) This one is that last Blu-ray copy I needed to have them all on Blu-ray, and it took forever. I was always coming across copies of every other one in the series except this one!

Iron Man 3 • Just like the above (and also a #3) it took literally years to find this Blu-ray at a thrift!

Glory • This is just a great movie: and I say this without any virtue-signaling, which is so automatic these days. I have always liked this movie for the same reasons that I like other good war movies.

The Drew Carey Show • Six selected episodes, I don’t have any others on disc as it is. And this is signed by Craig Ferguson!

031127 • Thrift Store Finds

These are actually my buys from April 4th and 11th.

I was in line at the 88th & Sheridan ARC when a mother with her husband and young kid asked me to step back six feet, and informed me about the markings on the floor. That was a total invitation for a nice conversation that wouldn’t go well. I just stepped back, being the peacemaker and also knowing that people being this righteous, bossy and afraid aren’t going to be open to other thoughts on this topic.

It’s a crime movie with narration, like Goodfellas or Casino. Not as good, but a nice watch. A great thing about thrift store Blu-rays is that a lot of them have an unused code for the digital copy, so my digital library grows as a bonus! This Blu-ray was only $2.50!
I got Rambo 4 last week, and now all three of the first ones for only seven bucks! I watched these last year on older DVDs and they were all quite grainy… not as bad as watching on a CRT, but still bad. So this will be a good upgrade.

032027 • Thrift Store Finds

If it has anything about the A-10 Warthog in it, I’m going to pick it up!
Not only is this a first-hand account, but it’s from the perspective of a Soviet pilot. I have no figures to back this up, but I think there are fewer of these accounts, and I’ve read that due to how the common citizen/serf was educated back then, there wasn’t a lot of things written by the common solder. Which is something considering the percentage of the population that fought in this war.
The movie that was done on this, The Way Back, I watched a few years ago, and it was very good. Looking forward to reading the book here, that it was based on!
Like the above book on the Soviet pilot, is this book!
This is a 2018 book with nothing but big photos… of World War II locations. And a steal at three dollars!
Just another good-looking book for my library!
I like how they did the cover after a poster from the time period.
First-person accounts were most of what I found today, which is great!
More first-person accounts!
I watched this movie in the theatre, it was my first Rambo film. Not the best one to start with! It is brutal, and only near the end when John Rambo starts doing his thing does one really find anything to really like about this film. They make the bad guys, very bad, they show how and why they are bad… and then the good guy takes care of business. What is disturbing is how the brutality of this film is probably accurate to actual events in history we can’t comprehend simply by reading books. To an extent, a good thing to not know much about.

032021 • Thrift Store Finds

Liszt: Le Preludes: I bought two 50-CD collections brand-new of Deutsche Grammophon The Originals a few years ago, but this wasn’t in it. Re-mastered works, there’s something about a piece that is worth re-mastering that I find justifies checking it out. However, that doesn’t mean that something re-mastered is good, but still. Gives me a reason.

Schubert – Schumann: Symphonies #3 – Günter Wand: Somewhat of a standard generic buy, however, at the same time, could serve as the introduction to new symphonies I might like. Can’t argue that Schubert and Schumann don’t have a lot of great work.

Michael Douglas: Double Feature: Black Rain / Fatal Attraction: Black Rain is very much the number one movie I look for at thrifts. Pretty much every movie I’ve ever liked, I have at the very least found on DVD, except Black Rain. Its taken more than a decade of looking to find it because I figured that, well, it’s a Ridley Scott movie, that did well at the box office, it stars Michael Douglas and Andy Garcia, etc. If there are endless copies of every other Hollywood movie, this has to be in there with them, right? Nope. Never, ever see it. Until today. I watched it right away, it’s been decades. I actually did try to watch this on On Demand, (or maybe it was Hulu) and halfway through, when I went back to finish it, it was gone. For whatever reason, it just isn’t a movie that is commonly available, regardless of box office numbers and the talent involved. Now the only DVDs I have to look for are odd things I don’t expect, such as the Debussy Preludes by Latsabidze DVD.

Fatal Attraction, I’ll give a shot because it’s Michael Douglas. My favorite movies with him are Black Rain, The Game, Falling Down, Disclosure, and Wall Street. I actually bought and watched him in The Sentinel with Keifer Sutherland a few weeks ago.

The Tudors: I pass on these as I see them often, but this week I finally gave in as I don’t know when I’m going to join up to a streaming service long enough to watch it again. The final season, which I never see, was available last week, before I decided this week to start putting the series together. I’ve seen this before, but it’s been a while. Johnathan Rhys Meyers is absolutely fantastic in his role, so that, along with a great supporting cast including Sam Neill and Henry Cavill, along with others familiar as their careers have progressed, that alone makes it a good watch. Rhys Meyers was just in a season or two of Vikings, which reminded me of how much I like this actor.

The second big reason I am going to watch this again is that this is one of those series or movies that has such a great take on the times, the sets, costumes, etc. Accurate or not, they give a decent idea of what it was like back then.

Latsabidze Plays Debussy Preludes, Book 2: This was still in the shrink-wrap! It’s quite rare to find a classical dvd like this at a thrift, so this was my second-best find of the day!

Jack Higgins: The Eagle Has Landed / The Eagle Has Flown / Night of the Fox: I have a three-books-in-one like this of Tom Clancy’s works. There’s something about a big compilation for two dollars, highly acclaimed on a topic I find so interesting. The first two pages that I read while deciding to buy it were pretty good, so hey. Two bucks.

Breaking Bad: Season Five: I have all of these on either Blu-ray or DVD, it’s one of those situations where if I can make the upgrade from Blu-ray to DVD, I have to do it as I don’t see a lot of Blu-ray at thrifts. That aren’t stolen from the case, that is. What a fantastic series, one of the, if not the best, ever.

The Borne Trilogy: Again, I have this on DVD, and watched it about three years ago, but a Blu-Ray upgrade was right there. The fourth one that didn’t have Matt Damon was good too, but I don’t have either that or the fifth one that came out a few years ago.

Winter Army: This survived the week at the Arvada ARC, it was there last week but at full-price, I couldn’t pull the trigger. Why did nobody buy this?


For the past few months I’ve been watching nothing but DVDs and Blu-rays, in order to avoid wasting time, dealing with commercials, and why do I have these things if I don’t watch them? Why pay money for entertainment when I already own so much?

I can’t get out of Comcast for reasons beyond my control; But I do know that some of their On Demand movies have no commercials, and every once in a while, something decent, even good shows up.

I finished watching all of 24 a few weeks ago, and while watching associated videos about that, learned about this movie Kiefer did with his father, and some of the people who were a part of 24.

At the time I’d learned about it, of course I looked it up on On Demand, and it was a rental.

I think the way we can rent movies now is incredible, if you consider how it used to be just ten, fifteen, twenty years go. And before that, the idea of just owning a movie and watching it whenever you wanted… amazing stuff.

But here we are. I can pay a few bucks and watch this movie without going anywhere, or having to return it. No late fees!

Be that as it is, there is so much entertainment out there, I have so many books and other things to do, and Comcast, which is a like/hate relationship with me (Their cable guys have been great in fixing things and the service works pretty well), I don’t have to spend a dime if I’m patient. And, tonight, this movie was finally available after being a rental a few weeks ago. I look at it as I pay a lot of money for so many channels and commercials that I do not want, plus all sorts of other monkey-business, that I’m just not motivated to spend more with Comcast.

As for the movie, it was everything I thought it would be, considering who made it and was in it. I won’t get into the plot, as just stating the plot of any western is very cliché, but it is very much worth a watch. Plus, it doesn’t just have good actors in it, but it has both Keifer and his dad in the same movie for the first time.

It isn’t heavy on action for most of it as it is a drama first, so if you watch it, go into it knowing that it isn’t Young Guns! But it is worth the time to watch.


December 31, 2017

There’s literally nothing wrong with Gladiator; especially when it’s understood that it is not an action movie with some drama, but rather a drama with great action sequences. It’s a Ridley Scott film; the acting, music, sets, stunts, props, and costumes are perfect, with a truly satisfying story.

I find that with movies like this, the first viewing is just introductory; its the repeated viewings where things really come together and the movie achieves it’s potential. With the sea of junk that spews forth from the entertainment industry, it’s nice to know that every once in a while, we get something worth watching over and over again. Especially with a clear-cut good guy and bad guy.

On the television side: Justified.

A U.S. Marshal dealing with criminals in the backwoods of Kentucky. Nowhere else on television are there characters and dialogue like this. I watch this once a year and it just keeps getting better.

JUSTIFIED — “Fugitive Numer One” — Episode 611 (Airs Tuesday, March 31, 10:00 pm e/p) — Pictured: Timothy Olyphant as Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens — CR: Prashant Gupta/FX