Favorite YouTube Channels

Anthony Morganti
Photoshop videos.

Apple Explained
To-The-Point info on Apple and its’ history and products.

Bald and Bankrupt
Traveling to places most people don’t want to go to!

Binkov’s Battlegrounds
Full of what-ifs about history and logistically possible scenarios.

Borderline OCD
Restoring vintage video game equipment.

C.W. Lemoine
Interesting reviews and information on military aviation.

David Hurwitz
Classical music reviews

Deutsche Grammophon
One of my favorite classical labels, home to Hélène Grimaud

Dry Bar Comedy
Witty comedy without the crutches of foul language or sexual situations.

Eli from Russia
Videos about living in Russia.

Emma Cruises
Interesting reviews about cruise ships.

German Girl in America • Felt From Germany
Comparing life between the U.S.A and Germany

It’s HistoryThe Cold WarThe Great WarTimeGhost HistoryWorld War Two
Well-presented videos on historical events.

Jay Smart
Walk-around inspections of cars received at a recycling lot.

Jeremy Jahns
To-the-point reviews on movies new and old.

Johnny Harris
Interesting commentary on interesting things

K’eyush The Stunt DogLife with Malamutes
Fun videos of life with Huskies and Malamutes.

Luke Miani
Good Apple reviews

Hints and tips for Apple users.

Mark Ellis Reviews
Really good Apple and related reviews

Mark Felton Productions
World War II documentaries by military historian and author Dr. Mark Felton.

Modern Vintage Gamer
Interesting vintage gaming videos

First-hand perspective video of recreational hockey.

National WWI Museum and Memorial
Lectures on the Great War, commercial-free!

The National WWII Museum
Great lectures and other videos.

Netherlands Bach Society
Online treasury of Bach in full HD

Paolo from TOKYO
Pleasant videos on travel, food, culture, and life in Japan.

Philharmonia Orchestra
Great classical performances.

Preston Stewart • War Stories
Really good information and analysis of military history and events.

Ryan McBeth
Really, really good information on military issues and current events.

Satori Graphics
To-the-point graphic design videos.

Scotty Kilmer
Car advice from a mechanic with four decades of experience.

Task & Purpose
Excellent military info and analysis

Videos on consumer tech of the past; restorations and history.

The 8-Bit Guy
Retro technology from the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s.

The B1M
The definitive video channel for construction. Skyscrapers and other big projects.

The Critical Drinker
My favorite reviewer of movies and television.

The Hockey Guy
In-depth info on current hockey news and events.

The Tank Museum
Videos and history on tanks from the best tank museum in the world.

In-Depth info on events in World War II, focusing on the Eastern Front.

Graphic Design Videos. Design, Creativity, Photography.

Ward Carroll
Interesting military videos.

Yeah Russia • Natasha’s Adventures
Breaking the Ice: Videos about Russia from Kabarovsk, eastern Russia.