Apple 30″ Cinema Display

I use two of these. I understand newer monitors offer a lot of improvements, but these are still great monitors!

Here is a great video that goes over the monitor in detail:

Here is my office. A bit messy, but there it is!

I’m not suggesting everyone go out and buy one of these; newer monitors are of course a great idea and I’m not apposed to them at all. But, if it is convenient to acquire one or two old Cinema Displays…

An Entire Chapter

I just discovered that I can read an entire chapter of a book within a cable movie’s commercial break… and I’m a slow reader. I didn’t time it but I wouldn’t be surprised if the breaks are longer than the movie segments. Why pay for cable television? Why? (I have to for my dad, or it would be but a memory, like pre-remote control television and VCRs.