091922 – Cavemen vs ?

This game starts with the offensive zone, due to the inability to access the other side of the rink to set up the camera, which also missed the third period because the game took a while to start. I was also subbing for Cavemen, and didn’t know the name of the other team. Going to the Apex web site didn’t help, either, it was all last seasons’ schedule.

083122 • Tornados vs War Pigs • Championship

We won 6-0! This is best viewed with the full-screen option on as I left a lot of the action at the blue-line in.
I mounted the camera lower because the glass is more clear there, but next time I think finding somewhere acceptable higher is better as there is less need to see through the net and through people.
Undefeated this season, we are moving up one division for winter.

082122 • Tornados vs Unhealthy Scratch

Playoff game. We were the undefeated team, going against one of the weaker teams in the division; I saw five shots total. This video is mostly the other goalie, and although his part in this video is only the second period, rest assured he was working hard all game long and really did well to keep the score as low as it was for his team. Also, this video starts with me finding two pucks from warmup still in the net.