I Finally Did It.

First time ever: I took my garage-stored car, that has never been rained on since I took ownership back in what, 2014? That I never drive if I don’t have to for fear of… everything… I took it to the Ice Ranch. The longest drive ever with this vehicle, for me. When I bought it, I declared that I’d never have my hockey gear in this fine automobile, but upon watching some videos on the perils of allowing a car to sit too long, it was mentioned that if a car isn’t driven specifically on the highway, to get true hot/cold action on the engine, big problems will evolve. So, it was for the good of the car. I picked a late-night game in good weather, and the long drive home on C-470 was wonderful! Especially the newly remodeled parts to the south. Boy was I careful with my big bag and sticks in this car, they weren’t in it any longer than necessary!

Old Mask / New Mask

Finally got my new Defender mask to replace my old Sportmask. The Sportmask was second-hand, didn’t cost much and has lasted a very long time. However this new one fits better and doesn’t have all of the battle damage. It’s been a long time coming, but the weakest aspect of my goaltending gear has finally been dealt with! The Defender is a custom mask and is definitely not a thrifty bargain like the Sportmask was as it cost as much as my leg pads did, but it is a long-term commitment and I’ll definitely be getting my money’s worth out of it!

Just waiting to get my custom pants, leg pads and glove back from being repaired and refurbished and I should be good to go for a few years!

2013-2021 • Paw Blocker

My Protective Althetic Wear custom-made blocker back in 2013 when it was new, and now. Still going strong, just not as clean! The rest of my gear is at Smokey’s Skate Shop getting repaired and overhauled for the second time. Three games a week will do that. I’d get the blocker re-palmed, but that doesn’t last so long and I never really notice anyway. Wearing sport gloves in addition negates that need for me, until it gets really bad. Otherwise I’d be getting re-palmed every couple of months.