012823 • Thrift Store Finds

A Touch of Gold • I like these compilations from piano competitions. I spent thirty minutes, using three different cd drives, but couldn’t get anything past the first six tracks to rip to my iTunes, so I had to re-buy this online. I found a shrink-wrapped, new copy for six bucks, which I would have paid anyway (this faulty one was $1.50). Once I listened to a few tracks, I had to do it.

Haydn: String Quartets • I have the other disc to this, so it was a good find.

Thompson: Symphonies 2 & 3 • After discovering the Sibelius symphonies, I’m now very open to new symphonies, especially from not-known-to-me composers. The initial listen was positive. Some of the best music I’ve ever heard, I didn’t like or wasn’t interested in on the initial listen, so who knows what I’ve got here!

The British Are Coming • I have Rick Atkinson’s three-book set on World War II, and this is the first (2019) in a set on the Revolutionary War.

Went to the ARC on 88th and Sheridan, and then to the Arvada ARC at 58th and Independence. Both were really disappointing, especially 88th. They didn’t have a lot of books or cds for some reason. Both stores had a lot of DVD, but there isn’t much I’m going to find in that format that I don’t have. What I am looking for in DVD, or what is left for me to find, isn’t something that would ever hit those shelves. Mostly looking for Blu-ray now. I did see a Blu-ray of Saving Silverman for $5, but with how busy it was, and since I have it on DVD already, it wasn’t quite worth it to go through the trouble to pay an online price for it, and find an employee to open the display case it was in. The Thompson Symphonies was all I bought at 88th, and I almost put it back.

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