100921 • Thrift Store Finds

Only went to one thrift this week, Colfax ARC. I had to put back a few that were not sale tag items, but at least their regular price is down a buck from $3. Considering how these are treated and displayed, and the way customers treat them, $3 is way too much. Unbelievable how much is stolen from that location; sometimes they even have security there to keep watch!

• The Leonard Bernstein Brahms is a five-disc set re-issue, in a nice box case. There was actually a Lang Lang disc in there as well (so, I accidentally stole it?).

• Christian Zacharias is someone I haven’t heard of before, but it’s nice to find an artist-specific disk like this.

• An older Bernstein recording. No problem choosing that!

• Tchaikovsky. So much of his work is undiscoverd by me, and I always like it. I need more symphonies to listen to!

• Abbado playing Mozart has me comparing to Hélène Grimaud’s recording, but it is nice to have a different rendition of it.

• Schonberg. Something new.

100221 • Thrift Store Finds

The Ernie Pyle book below was made in 1944… and it is like brand new. White pages, no issues whatsoever! Almost as unbelievable is that I don’t have it already!

America 1908 is interesting as it shows what the USA was like right before the war, which is important to know.

Images Of War • Artwork from the war. There is a lot of this in books, but I have few books about it.

Warrior is one of those books I see every once in a while, and wanted when it was new. Finally found one at a cheap price! A nice romp of photos and text, not heavy reading but very interesting, visually.

300 • Finally, I get to experience the book that one of my favorite movies was based on. I read Frank Miller’s take on Batman back in high school, so I’m familiar with the visual style. What I didn’t understand about the movie for years, is that it is from the point of view of the narrator, telling the story. It isn’t actually supposed to be historically accurate.

Not much to say here, although the Songs Of WWI is a nice two-disc volume that has the original recordings… I read about these songs all the time so it will be a nice reference.

Voices of Time is a nice disc, and the Living Stereo of Van Cliburn is of course something I won’t turn down, especially with the Prokofiev 3.

092521 • Thrift Store Finds

History of Western Europe • This is a great find, being in good shape and printed in 1903. Always interesting to read out-of-date history!

Thunderbolt • Memoirs are never a bad buy (unless it is someone who is unscrupulous, such as this book by a mobster I read a long time ago… by the second chapter it was obvious he was just making everything up. It was crazy.)

Why The Germans Lose At War • Interesting analysis of the skilled people in the German military/political scene, and the wildly unskilled people in the German military/political scene.

Mathew B. Brady’s Civil War • Amazing how old these photographs are, and we are very lucky to have them. Sure would be interesting if photography had developed earlier and we could have seen the War of 1812 or Revolutionary War. This is a great book though.

091821 • Thrift Store Finds

Rome • Season 1 & 2 • I haven’t watched this since it came out fifteen years ago… and I picked this up, which is both seasons… for $1.50! The discs are in perfect shape and so far I’m several discs in. What a deal! Also, it’s in a sort of book form, with the discs easy to access, without even really opening the ‘book’ up. Great packaging.

Eyewitness Auschwitz: A very raw, first-hand account of being in Auschwitz.

Fulcrum: Escaping the Soviet Empire. That’s what people don’t understand about Communism/Socialism: They wall you in, you have to escape it.

Fatal Voyage: I have several books on the USS Indianapolis now. Sounds like such a sad story.

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Weapons of World War II: I have other books by this editor, and of the same kind… they are big books! Interesting to just look through, and a handy reference when reading my other books. Amazing that a book this big can be had for next to nothing. This was one of those really neat bargain priced books that would be sold at Waldenbooks or Barnes & Noble. They used to have a really nice amount of great books at decent prices, for new books that is. Now, there is no Waldenbooks and Barnes & Noble only has a fraction of the Bargain Book section that they used to have. So sad. Every time I see one of the bargain price stickers on a book, it makes me think of the time I spent agonizing of which books to buy because they were all so good and all so cheap (not compared to thrift prices, but I didn’t hit the thrifts back then).

Nothing too shocking here: The Zemlinsky Symphonies is totally new to me. The Beethoven Overtures is a nice collection but not totally new to me. The Britten: Spring Symphony is new to me, and the disc and case are like new even though it is a 1997 release!

I have listened to almost all of these already, the Debussy / Ravel album has been the best so far, along with the Faure: Requiem.

Thrift Store Finds • 090421

Some great books here:

Iwo Jima: Twenty-two first-hand accounts. Very interesting read.

Franco and Hitler: How the war would have been different if Franco had joined the Axis, this is very interesting stuff.

The Last of the Doughboys: More first-hand accounts, but this is from the Great War.

Now, this The World War II Album was a risk, as it looked so familiar, and my list had The World War I Album in my library and was very familiar, but all it would take would be one little typo, a “I” instead of “II” and I’d have a double on my hands. This is why it’s good to sample books from one’s library, as to know the library better. There shouldn’t be books in my library that I am unfamiliar with. But as it turns out, I won this gamble and now I have the two-book set! I have never seen this book before or I would have it already. I actually read the first volume five or ten years ago in its entirety. I don’t pay attention much to authors and book titles, which is not a great habit, but there it is. In any case, I’m really happy with all of these buys.

This soundtrack was a gamble as it was scratched up more than I usually accept… and it ripped to my computer perfectly. No issues, I listened to the entire thing, expecting some sort of audible errors… nothing! This is great as I really like the soundtrack to these movies and only have one of the five so far (now, two of the five). This is one of those soundtracks that never hits the thrifts, and was only there because it was so scratched that nobody wanted it. I really like Hans Zimmer soundtracks.

This is one of my favorite symphonies, so another rendition of it is a good find.

This Decca / Haitink series of Shostakovich is almost complete. I’m trying to get the releases with this format of cover, and this Decca / Haitink series contains the first copy of Symphony 11 that I bought right after hearing it live, which hooked me.

This is actually two seperate physical releases that I combined into one cover since it’s a complete collection of Dvorak’s symphonies. It’s nice when the entire set is available at the same time as to avoid having to put up with an incomplete set, waiting for that opportunity to come across the missing discs.

This was still in the shrink-wrap! Thibaudet is one of those pianists I am specifically collecting.

Finding all of these completes my Deutsche Grammophon / Abbado set of Symphonies. I do have to wonder where the missing 3 & 4 and 7 were as I didn’t see it at the thrift I found these at.

I have been listening to more organ music lately thanks to some orchestral transcriptions, so it was nice to find these. One of them was still in the shrink-wrap, too!

Below is the rest of my finds, all good! It took some time to sort through them all, check them against my list, check the condition… I’d thought they were all full price ($3.00) since they were all together in a plastic tray, but it turns out they were all half-off! The Rachmaninov Symphonies and Schubert Lieder were both three-disk sets that come in custom boxes, and looked to be completely unused!