Bought Another Moonlander

After more than a year, I purchased a second Moonlander keyboard, this one for work. It has non-clicky keys so that my co-workers don’t have to hear me type! Also, I don’t have to haul my original board to work every day, leaving my backpack with room for other things. The original board was worth every penny I paid, and getting a second one is again, money well spent. When you use a keyboard all day, one might as well go with the best, and not the same, standard, generic, low-function keyboard that is packaged with every computer made.

ZSA Moonlander

2 thoughts on “Bought Another Moonlander

  1. Which switches do you have in your moonlanders? I have box white and just got cherry brown for work. Also have two prior system76 launch keyboards, one box pink and one box jade. I really like loud clickies.


    1. These are the kinds of switches I have… the Silent Reds are really silent, but boy, would I rather have the Cherry MX Brown clickies at work! They are great on my home Moonlanders! I like loud clickies too, but for work, I spare everybody from the noise.

      Home – White / Black: Cherry MX Brown (RGB) / Printed
      Work – White: Cherry MX Silent Red (RGB) / Printed


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