Finally figured out why Facebook moderated me…

I’ve heard about this, but it didn’t register until now; I used the word “Covid”.

That was my transgression. It was automatically picked up for an admin or moderator to approve.

Facebook censors people with views they don’t like, while they themselves publish whatever they want on the topic of Covid.

So, if I’m not buying into the group-think on this, if I’m not ‘thinking correctly’ on this issue, I’ll be blocked from posting, while they can voice whatever they want.

I have been on Facebook for eleven years, all without a single out-of-the-blue moderation such as this. I never posted anything political. Then this happened when I mentioned the very political and contentious topic of Covid in a joke.

Also, by sheer coincidence, this happened the same week Trump and others were banned from social media outlets, the same week Parlor was shut down.

This is not okay. This is not a good direction for us to be going in.

This is exactly the kind of thing that happens in authoritarianism; control over thoughts and minds, control over all information. No other opinions or data are allowed. Hitler, Stalin, and all of the other regimes did this kind of thing; promote the one, ‘correct’ view; all others are to be suppressed.

If you disagree, by all means let’s have a conversation about it. I’d love to hear how I’m wrong about this. I won’t ‘moderate’ your views.

Covid is something we should all be discussing and looking at from all angles; Facebook only wants one single view with no thought process involved.

Just believe everything they feed you without thinking, and you can post whatever you want.

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