030621 • Thrift Store Finds

The Jews In Russia: I passed up this book two weeks prior; it wasn’t there last week, but here it is this week! People understand that Nazi Germany was anti-Semitic, but generally don’t understand that the Soviets were as well.

World War II in Pictures, Vol. 1-2: Published in the last year of the war! Why someone would allow the dust jackets to acquire so much damage…

Meatballs and Dead Birds: What a unique book! Dad found this cast away by some customer on the other side of the store. That’s thrift-store shoppers for you!

Empire by Default: The Spanish-American War is rightly overshadowed by the Civil and Great wars, but is still very interesting and relevant. Glad to have picked this up.

Brave Men, Gentle Heroes: Great perspective on the wars.

Double Dexter: I keep passing on Dexter books because they are usually paperbacks when I see them; But I’m going to start collecting all of these if I see them in hardback. Not that I need fiction right now; I’m about to re-read my Brad Thor and Vince Flynn books, and then keep going with the five or six (or more?) that have come out since I last read each series. But I really liked the Dexter show and just finished re-watching it a few months back, the books should be really fun.

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