Back to Culver’s

It’s been too long! This is actually the second week in a row we’ve been back to Culver’s, but it sure is nice. The lobby has been closed for almost a year, we did go to a different Culver’s off of Washington, but that is a long way to go when there is one so much closer to home (Sheridan by Walmart). This is a really good burger place.

Hoarder Vehicles

I’m sure we’ve all seen this; A vehicle packed with not just some belongings upon being kicked out of a home or something, but sedimentary junk, trash. I stopped watching the Hoarder shows on television because they are so depressing. There’s nothing about that that is safe, whether it’s a house or a vehicle. How does one have passengers, especially in an emergency? What happens if one had a near-accident, the g-forces would be an enormous hazard; it’s bad enough in a normal car to have a few things flying around much less the volume these vehicles have. There are so many questions, but in the end it’s just sad that anybody is at this state-of-mind, it’s obvious not a good thing.