Seacrest Inline Hockey Rink

This is the rink where I started playing hockey, along with USA on Wheels (Now part of Skate City). It was pretty easy to go over the boards here. There also wasn’t that big fence at the end, so if you shot too high, you were spending time in the grass looking for your $7 puck. The concrete was smooth, but it would wear a stick down faster than ice does. Sometimes the weather was wonderful to play in, sometimes you just played despite the weather. But at least there were no real limits on rink time, or zambonis to wait on. Just show up and play.

073122 • BMS vs Puck Dynasty

Unbeknownst to me, this team was four levels above where I usually play, so it was much faster than I’m used to! Due to logistics, the camera is in our offensive end for periods one and three. Also, one of the shots I took broke my stick! BMS had no defensemen for this game, but played outstanding defense nonetheless. (NOTE: I had the wrong video up, it’s correct now as of 08-02-22!)

073122 • Tornados vs Dawgs

I only got the first ten minutes of this game, which is all in the opposing end with the Dawg’s goalie. The camera cut out for some reason and I was unable to open the remaining file with four different programs tried. The Dawgs are without their ringer and only had six skaters, but the goalie kept it from getting out of control, he was pretty good.