030423 • Thrift Store Finds

Finally landed a hockey jersey at a thrift! There is some yellowing on the “19” that is also ripping off, but I know where to get that fixed.

The Author of Denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory mentioned in her intro that she had been contacted by many high-profile shows so that she could debate holocaust denyers, but she said “no” to all of these offers because just giving them a platform was giving their argument a level of merit that it didn’t deserve. In so many cases, this can be used to exclude views that need to be heard so that people can make good decisions on a topic, say, this candidate for president is the right choice, or not, but here, she’s right. Some things are proven fact, and this is one of them. Some things are not about “my truth” or a person’s “point of view”. It’s like debating someone who is of the view that Hitler was a nice guy. That is ridiculous, so don’t give them a forum for people who might be susceptible to such things.

She also details how this mentality began in World War I, when some scholars were in denial of Germany’s role in starting that war. There are all kinds of ways to look at how the war started, but Germany was no angel in it by any means. The Schleiffen plan, for example. That isn’t drawn up by military planners because they didn’t want to conquer their neighbors.

This is a link to Google Books so that you can give it a look for yourself.

I had to wait a week, but these two Blu-rays were still there, so I picked them up at half-off!

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