021123 • Thrift Store Finds

Pearl Harbor: The Story of the Secret War • This was published in 1947, so not that long after the actual event, and before so much more had been known. Books like this are interesting in part because they are fresh from the incident.

Herbert von Karajan: New Year’s Concert Vienna 1987 (DVD) • I don’t find these very often, but this is the third dvd like this and quite a good buy!

Civilisation • Looks like a National Geographic book, but it isn’t… always an interesting subject.

Above and Beyond • Accounts of heroism that most of us can’t comprehend.

The American Heritage History of the Making of the Nation • I keep passing on this, and the Book of Indians, but finally I bought them, in part to my growing interest in the old west and the American Revolution. I also purchased a great set of around twenty books on the American Indians about five years ago (It wasn’t easy to do, and I never saw this set complete, ever) for only twenty dollars, and these in addition to my Time/Life Old West set make for a great addition to my library.

Brassey’s Modern Fighters • I didn’t need this one, I have the older, out-of-date books on “Modern Fighters” everywhere! But it looks pretty good inside, so hey.

The Death of Hitler • A fairly recent book, so it was nice to find this one as I’ve read a lot on the topic, and actually started reading the well-regarded epic biography by John Toland last night.

Modern Air-Launched Weapons • Turns out, I already had this one. Grr.

History Channel: Civil War Combat • I’m going to watch this after I watch the Grant mini-series again.

Japan 1941 • Always an interesting topic.

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