Had To Fix It…

Aaron Copland composed one of my all-time favorite symphonies, but I haven’t listened to much of anything else he’s composed. I did collect this three-cd set, and was listening to it today, and as it is with some of these cheaply designed cd covers, there was something that bugged me.

The person who designed this cover was looking for a way to spice it up, and make it more original. Either that, or had just learned the Paint Bucket in Photoshop or Fill in Illustrator, saw the closed “O” and “A” on the cover, and couldn’t help him/herself. I find this similar to most modern art, because if one doesn’t accept this as an artistic vision of sorts, well hey, it’s all subjective!

I disagree. It just looks cheap. If you look at the above “A”, it doesn’t even fill accurately. This was done very quickly, something I’ve noticed on so many of these low-volume classical discs.

So, I fixed it by redoing the covers, so that I’m no longer irritated. I think it looks a lot better without the fill.

On Volume 2 and 3, I did too much contrast to the photos and it’s a bit washed out, but I’m leaving that for now.

There is a page dedicated to my compact disc cover restorations on my portfolio site. Most of the discs I get from thrift stores require some sort of touching up.

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