I bought this for a dollar at Mile High Flea Market in the early 1980s. I remember some guy walking up to me and offering me two dollars for it, and I wisely refused. This person, I can imagine, either thought that I was going to abuse this unique antique since I was just a little kid. That’s fair. Or, he wanted to sell it for a lot of money. I’m not actually sure what this is worth, but it is most likely from the time period, which puts it at over a hundred years old.

It’s basically a drawing (original?) that has been sealed onto wood with some sort of clear coating. This kind of artwork is something that was common at the time, especially on postcards, and I think it is a pretty good piece of artwork. Imagine a time before television and radio, where the only knowledge of anything came through heresy, books, and newspapers, what this kind of image impressed on a person.

Thanks to my many bookshelves, I have only two pieces of art on my wall, and this is one of the two. I’m never taking it down!

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