Russo-Ukrainian War Links

Here are the sources I follow daily for information and analysis of the current Russo-Ukraine war: – Daily details regarding the war in Ukraine.

Artur Rehi – An Estonian soldier/YouTuber with great insight into the war’s events.

Preston Stewart – US Army veteran with an interest in historical topics.

Ryan McBeth – Army vet with amazing analysis of the war’s minutia.

Denys Davydov – Ukrainian pilot with news and current map analysis.

Combat Veteran Reacts – American combat vet with news and current map analysis.

Vlad Vexler – Moral philosopher with deep analysis on the war and associated topics.

Anders Puck Nielsen – Military analyst from Denmark.

Zeihan on Geopolitics – Geopolitical strategist with insight on global issues.

James Ker-Linsay – Professor from the University of Kent, who holds a PhD in International Conflict Analysis.

The Russian Dude – Daily updates on Russian Ukrainian war. 9-12 minute summaries of all the major events that happened that day, including footage from Ukraine.

TIKhistory – One of my favorite military history channels.

Binkov’s Battlegrounds – Another of my favorite military history channels.

NFKRZ – A YouTuber who I’ve been watching for a few years, who recently fled Russia.

Natasha’s Adventures – Natasha is from the Far East, right next to China and Japan, but fled Russia recently.

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