New PAW Goalie Gear

My new Protective Athletic Wear gear finally arrived! It replaces an almost exact set I had made back in 2014-15!

The extreme curve of my old leg pads is due to me storing them upside-down, for a curve that is more appropriate by the time I get to the rink. I’m not going to do that anymore, though, as I’m trying to seal the opening when I drop into the butterfly and I think that curve was detrimental to doing that.

I ordered back in May, but it was expected to take this long, and that isn’t uncommon for custom gear like this.

Very glad to have this new set. I average two games a week, so over 7-8 years, I was having to use glue on a lot of areas of my old leg pads. Thanks to Smokey (Former Avalanche equipment manager) moving his shop into the Ice Ranch, I can have him fix things before they get too bad.

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