Just finished all twenty-one Vince Flynn books! (The last eight were written by Kyle Mills.) That only took thirteen months, with breaks in every book or two. I actually bought the latest one brand new, something I never do (except for the Collectors Editions) because it was released right as I finished book number twenty.

So, now I’m starting the twenty-one Brad Thor books, and then I’ll read the ten Kyle Mills books (that he wrote before taking on the Vince Flynn series after Flynn passed away from cancer.)

One of the interesting things about these books is the research that goes into them; Flynn was investigated by the CIA at one point because his books went into things he wasn’t supposed to know; I think it was Thor, who actually went to Afghanistan, embedded with some troops, so that he could accurately write one of his books. And, Mills posted last year about how things he’s been writing about has been coming to pass, which is terrifying since Total Power was about how quickly the world as we know it goes away if the power grid is suddenly gone, and how inept the government is in preventing and dealing with it. Within weeks, millions would/will be dead. It is a pretty simple catastrophe, which doesn’t take much to understand. We all live by a thread.

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