I Finally Did It.

First time ever: I took my garage-stored car, that has never been rained on since I took ownership back in what, 2014? That I never drive if I don’t have to for fear of… everything… I took it to the Ice Ranch. The longest drive ever with this vehicle, for me. When I bought it, I declared that I’d never have my hockey gear in this fine automobile, but upon watching some videos on the perils of allowing a car to sit too long, it was mentioned that if a car isn’t driven specifically on the highway, to get true hot/cold action on the engine, big problems will evolve. So, it was for the good of the car. I picked a late-night game in good weather, and the long drive home on C-470 was wonderful! Especially the newly remodeled parts to the south. Boy was I careful with my big bag and sticks in this car, they weren’t in it any longer than necessary!

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