100921 • Thrift Store Finds

Only went to one thrift this week, Colfax ARC. I had to put back a few that were not sale tag items, but at least their regular price is down a buck from $3. Considering how these are treated and displayed, and the way customers treat them, $3 is way too much. Unbelievable how much is stolen from that location; sometimes they even have security there to keep watch!

• The Leonard Bernstein Brahms is a five-disc set re-issue, in a nice box case. There was actually a Lang Lang disc in there as well (so, I accidentally stole it?).

• Christian Zacharias is someone I haven’t heard of before, but it’s nice to find an artist-specific disk like this.

• An older Bernstein recording. No problem choosing that!

• Tchaikovsky. So much of his work is undiscoverd by me, and I always like it. I need more symphonies to listen to!

• Abbado playing Mozart has me comparing to Hélène Grimaud’s recording, but it is nice to have a different rendition of it.

• Schonberg. Something new.

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