August 2021 • Thrift Store Finds

After not hitting the thrifts since May, we’ve been at at least two per week as Dad was looking for something in particular. So I can’t not look, and not pick up good finds while I’m there.

Above is a slideshow of all the discs; below are selected discs that are in that slideshow.

I listed to Li quite a bit back in 2009, but he’s been lost with all of the other pianists I’ve been listening to… there are so many! But I haven’t seen these three albums in a thrift since then. It’s unfortunate because he’s really good. Odd thing is that I can’t locate the other albums by him that I have, which is strange since my library is fairly well organized.

This was in one of those rare, ideal, quality jewel cases, unlike the normal, cheap, easy-to-break cases that 99.9% of CDs come in. It’s sad that these cases weren’t the standard.

This guy is quite prolific with his recordings… I’ve never seen these two in a thrift before.

Shostakovichs’ Eleventh Symphony is my favorite, and adding these two discs to the set makes for a good day. I need to look and see how many of these I have by Haitink. It would be nice to have the entire set.

Looking forward to listening to this one, apparently it came straight from Japan (Or Korea?)

I thought I had all of these VoxBox discs, and I have yet to make sure that I don’t have this one. If I lose in picking this up, I’m out a buck-fifty. This is one I’d likely have by now. I do know that I have the re-release, but this one matches the others in the original set.

How did I not have this one? I thought I had all of Sarah Chang’s releases! Amazing. I probably was waiting for the price to come down back when I originally collected her discs, and this one was too expensive at the time, and got lost in all of the collecting I’ve done since then. That’s all I can think of for as to why I didn’t have it already.

These guys have so many discs… Happy to find this one, I think it’s a double-disc and only cost what a single disc does, about a buck-fifty.

I have the first disc of this already, so this was a good find! I’ve been listening to a lot of Bach Transcriptions lately so this works into that playlist really well!

Thanks to the recording by Anna Vinnitskaya of the Third Concerto, of course I was going to pick this one up. Also a multiple-disc release for the price of one disc!

I didn’t get this at the thrift, because almost none of Kyle Mills’ books ever end up there. But it is notible for being the last one that I needed to complete the set… after I finish the Brad Thor and Vince Flynn/Kyle Mills books, I’m going to read all of Kyle Mills’ books. I recently did a post on these authors.

Luckily/Unluckily, I didn’t find too many books over the past three weeks. But these were all good ones, the USS Indianapolis book is nothing but stories from the survivors. The Ambrose book, The Victors, I’d thought I had already, but didn’t. The Romanovs comes at a good time as I just watched a really good documentary on them. High-Tech Warfare is part of a general sort of set that I like because it had great art of the subject matter. Grant: A Biography is only the second book in the house dedictated to President Grant. After seeing the miniseries on him a few years ago, I’ve been wanting to read more about the guy. Breakout is on the famous battle in the Korean War, a subject I have yet to seriously dive into.

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