RISK / Stratego

I bought these for $1.25 each, quite a deal! The RISK game appears to be complete, but the Stratego is missing two pieces. Not a big deal, I’ll just buy another set and then I can have interesting games by switching out pieces, new rules!

I’ve always wanted to play RISK for years, but never had the game.

It’s a mystery as to where our original Stratego is, and where our Battleship game is. Along with LIFE, Monopoly, and a few others. The attic? Who knows. But at least replacements are cheap… really cheap!

Also, I might buy a few Monopoly sets just so that I can have a lot of extra money, I remember running out of different denominations.

And I also have a newer release of Stratego with pieces like the classic, but lost version we used to have. Modern, recent versions have the numbers on the pieces backwards, whereas the most powerful piece used to be “1”, it is now “9”. No way. I’m not playing it that way, it’s just wrong. Why did they change it?

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