050921 • Movies / Television

Jurassic Park III • All of these movies are such fun (except for the teenager escaping a raptor by using gymnastics in the second one… ugh.) This one is that last Blu-ray copy I needed to have them all on Blu-ray, and it took forever. I was always coming across copies of every other one in the series except this one!

Iron Man 3 • Just like the above (and also a #3) it took literally years to find this Blu-ray at a thrift!

Glory • This is just a great movie: and I say this without any virtue-signaling, which is so automatic these days. I have always liked this movie for the same reasons that I like other good war movies.

The Drew Carey Show • Six selected episodes, I don’t have any others on disc as it is. And this is signed by Craig Ferguson!

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