050921 • Books

Here are my finds for the past few weeks. I’m going to stop commenting on every single book since my preferences and interests in each one should be fairly obvious by now.

Brad Thor: Use of Force • Finally! Out of the twenty books Thor has written, I have read fifteen or so of them, and was missing the newer ones… and this is the last of those new ones that I needed! (Only $2.50!) It’s taken forever to find it at a thrift, being a newer book (2017). Now I can finally begin reading the series again, and when I’m done re-reading the first fifteen, I’ll just continue through into the newer ones such as this book. What’s also great is that my Vince Flynn series is in the exact same situation, as far as how many I’ve read before and new ones that I’ll be reading for the first time. These series are great to read and re-read.

Great Photographs of World War II • I have a separate post about how I came across this book…

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