031321 • Thrift Store Finds

Dad found six of these books for me at the library, called me to check and see if I had them already; I didn’t. So that was neat, I didn’t have to go through the thrift store annoyances, I didn’t have to pay anything, and I didn’t have to go anywhere, yet I landed six new books! Nice.

Aleutian Headache: Not commonly known is that Japan actually conquered American soil during the war… in Alaska. I read a book about Alaska last year, so this is going to extend off of that for me.

Back to Corregidor: This is a big deal; and nobody these days has any idea about it.

Civil War Prisons & Escapes: A Day-by-Day Chronicle: These prisons were not fun to be in.

Combat: The Civil War: Try and put yourself in these guys’ place…

Forts and Artillery: I was reading this at the store, and it sucked me in; too bad. I already have this in a compilation. This is one of ten books, too. The one I have is compiled with two others, and I have three of the five big volumes. Just haven’t run across the others yet. So, I have an extra book. Dad stole it.

Grant’s Final Victory: I watched a mini-series documentary on Grant last year that enlightened me to what a great person Grant is in our history. Yet, even my Dad didn’t have a book on him; he had one on every other general, but not Grant! So, we’re fixing that!

Intimate Voice from the First World War: This is by far my favorite book from this week. First persons accounts, and the First World War.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: I have this on DVD, but this was mixed with the DVDs at the Sheridan & 88th ARC, which is very unusual. They keep their Blu-rays locked up because, well, thrift store. People rob these places blind. Colfax ARC, in particular, if you see something good, it’s highly likely the disc is gone. But this disc was present, no scratches, and five bucks. This movie is worth far more, it’s one of those perfect movies that can be viewed over and over again.

One Million Steps: I acquired an interest in more modern accounts of war in Iraq and Afghanistan and have read a few books on the topic in the past few years; so this was an easy choice to make.

KL Auschwitz Seen by the SS: I only paged through this one a little bit, it appears to be first-hand accounts from the perspective of the SS, along with a few biographies and interesting documents. We’ll see. The German side is always interesting but one always has to consider where they are writing this from, post war.

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