South-Side Bookshelf

Saturday, November 28, 2020

This is what I call my ‘South-Side Bookshelf’, or, ‘The Shelf’ built by my dad in 1982 or so.

Currently it holds my best war sets, although my Vietnam and Civil War sets had to go somewhere else as there’s only so much space even on this fine shelf.

There are the Life Magazine bound volumes, which cover World War II and the years leading up to it. Military Heritage Quarterly’s bound volumes make up the colorful bindings on the top-left.

Every set here has a story as to how it was acquired, and fortunately (?) I don’t see a lot of sets out there that I’m interested in to add to my library as it seems that nobody publishes books like this anymore.

There are a few Civil War sets that I need to finish collecting, but other than that…

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