012321 • Thrift Store Finds

Saturday, January 23, 2021

The Only Way To Cross: I like reading about this time period anyway, and the Titanic and Lusitania are both fascinating true stories, so this book just expands on that. I have a small section of about ten books on this topic already.

War in the Pacific: From the Fall of Singapore to Japanese Surrender: The text is bigger than I’d like in this book, which hints at it being more of an overview of the war, however it has great photos and from my preview of it, the information in this looks to be okay, so another good buy!

Selected Chaff: A collection of newspaper columns written during World War II.

Nicholas II: The Interrupted Transition: Also in that same time period is the end of the Romanov Dynasty, also fascinating. Earlier last year, I finished a book on Russia’s experience in the Great War which was a great read.

Brad Thor: Near Dark: After reading all thirteen of his books in (apoximately) 2013, I plan on reading them all again soon, and then continuing with the five or so he’s published since then, of which this is the latest, from 2020. I only need his 2017 book to have all of them. This copy is something I haven’t seen in a thrift, so it was a great buy and only two bucks!

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