013021 • Thrift Store Finds

Napoleon: The Last Campaigns: I buy Napoleon books as it is interesting, although I haven’t fully committed to reading one yet.

The Great War: A newer book in perfect shape, and very readable.

Vince Flynn: Total Power: After reading all thirteen of his books in (apoximately) 2013, I plan on reading them all again soon, and then continuing with the five or so he’s published since then, of which this is the latest, from 2020. I only need one more book to have all of them. This copy is something I haven’t seen in a thrift, so it was a great buy even at full-price at four bucks!

Clear and Present Danger: I must have missed this one last week, all of the Jack Ryan movies were there at Arvada ARC.

Edward Sissorhands: It has been decades since I’ve seen this, so it will get watched soon.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith: A silly, but fun movie. Pitt and Jolie are great in it, and this copy was still shrink-wrapped!

The Sentinel: I usually pass on this one as I didn’t have a strong feeling about it when I saw it in the theatre years ago. I’d gone to see it because Michael Douglas, Kiefer Sutherland and David Rasche were in it, along with Kim Bassinger. Not bad, but not much of an impact on me at the time. Sutherland was barely in it, and because I’d just been introduced to 24, I didn’t like that he wasn’t in it much. But I really like Michael Douglas, and one has to understand that it’s a Michael Douglas movie. It’s basically The Fugitive, and Air Force One combined, which is good.

Boardwalk Empire: Season 4: I have season 1 already, but I think it’ll be a while before I actually run across seasons 2-3. I like this time period and it was a decent show.

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan: Season 1: I really liked this and John Krasinski was of course great in it. Surprised I found it at an ARC, and for only a buck-and-a-half!

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