Magnum P.I. (The Real One)

My favorite episode of Magnum P.I. It was never my favorite show, but I re-watched a lot of them a few years ago, and when I’d come across this one, I realized it was the only one I actually remembered from the original broadcasts. It’s actually unlike all of the others, being fairly serious in tone. Apparently, there are a lot of shows on BitChute, just there for watching.

I’m more of an Airwolf kind of guy, which is funny, considering one of the Magnum episodes was a backdoor pilot for Airwolf, in a previous incarnation of the idea. Jean Bruce Scott was a regular on both shows, too.

040222 • Thrift Store Finds

The Best of Signal • I have a collection of these already, and it is interesting in that it is all German propaganda. An excerpt for example: “When, after his work is completed, the Führer gives free rein to his thoughts and talks, these are the most beautiful hours for his closest collaborators. Drawing upon his limitless store of recollections, he tells the merriest anecdotes and the most delightful stories. Whenever he touches on a subject, which seems to him worth dwelling upon, he sketches his ideas in a lively manner, delves deeply into the past and develops his creative and far-reaching ideas for the future.”

From what I’ve read, the guy would go on endless diatribes and everyone would have to listen like good little subordinates.

Brad Thor: Black Ice • I’m eleven books in on my Vince Flynn/Kyle Mills/Brad Thor read-a-thon, and this was the final book that I didn’t think I’d find this soon as it was published last year! In my little reading project, it will be the final book I read, unless it takes longer than I think to accomplish and another Brad Thor book is released before I’m done!

040922 • Same thing with this book, found a week later! The latest and only one I needed to be up-to-date! Amazing. Finding books this new at a thrift isn’t something that happens to me very often.

The Lost Tomb • The thought of finding something this old is incredibly interesting. And sad, that so much of history is lost forever… we barely know anything about most of human history.

Persuasive Images • I have a few books like this; as someone who is always looking at things for their message and how it has been presented, this is a really good book. So much of it applies to today as nothing but refinement to these techniques has gone on since the images in the book were originally implemented.

Rommel • Oh no, this looks like part of a set! I can’t find this set anywhere, though. I don’t know that much about Rommel.

Spitfire Summer • Nobody really understands how important, and how close the world was to a very different conclusion… Churchill wasn’t exaggerating about so many owing so much to so few.

Witness: Voices from the Holocaust • Self-explanitory, and the kind of first-hand account book I really like to read.