121422 • Evergreens vs Master Bladers

One end of a rink at any facility, for some reason or another, is not accessible for me to mount my camera on the glass. At the Ranch, it is one end that is blocked off and rented out for off-ice training. Usually I just put the camera on the other end, and get more of our offense, but this time I went for the side, like I did when I started using the GoPro. But this time, I actually used the zoom so that the video doesn’t look to be so far away.

Next, I’m going to do a test while another game is going on, and mount where I usually do, but this time I’m going to zoom the view to the opposite end, and see how much of the game I can get that way. Should be interesting! This footage here was all right, but I might just use this view as a last resort, and go back to the normal behind-the-net view in the future.

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